Abby Monkey® Baby Bubble Activity School: Educational Flash Cards Kids Learning Games for Toddlers and Preschool Explorers App Reviews

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I should have read the reviews first

Wheres the sound?! Fix it.


What a waste of $2, app has NO SOUND!!


The app provides heaps of things for the young kids to play and learn, such as, different shapes, objects, letters, numbers, etc. Highly recommended for the parents to get one and use it together with their kids.


Very educational! I love how easy my son can use this! Its bright colors keep his attention. Theres a lot of fun games he can play by himself.

Works well

This works for my special Ed students!

Hard bubbles

Too hard to pop bubbles

Great game !

Children can learn the cute animals through this game!very good prices and a good choice for your child !

Nice game !

Beautiful pictures of intelligent design to attract children by funny animals !

Pretty good

I have downloaded a few other similar apps from the same developer for my 3 years old and hes loved them all. This latest addition is just as good as the others and keeps him not only entertained for an hour or so, but also helps him learn. Its good because it has learning and play mode, and I see that my son loves to switch between them. The graphics, animation, sound and music are all above average. Keep up the good work.

Excellent Learning Tool

I cant say enough about this app. My wife has had the whole day care downloading it at pick up time lol. Great for teaching hand/eye coordination and multitasking. The voice is soothing and very rewarding.


My son loves this game!!

No sound!

This app looks perfect for my 2yr old but there is no volume and Ive tried everything!


As an early childhood specialist, I would enjoy using this with some of my kids but without SOUND it would not be beneficial.

No sound

Wasted money buying the full version with no sound

Too distracting

I love the idea of this app. Who doesnt love bubbles? Unfortunately the execution leaves something to be desired. When my daughter taps on the bubbles when theyre high up the screen, it causes the sun in the corner to start singing. Then she loses focus on the bubbles and just watches the sun. All corners of the screen are stuffed with distracting animations. A little too busy and crowded for my two-year-old.

No Sound - Needs Fixed

Fix Please!

My toddler loves this app!

I think its a great app. Its basic. Toddlers love to pop bubbles, so of course I tried this app. My toddler loves the musical sun and the avatar characters.

Needs Multi-touch

Expecting babies to use a single finger is a bit ridiculous; app should support multi-touch. There are free & ad-free bubble apps with better touch interfaces. Would be happy to re-review if this is ever supported.

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